“One must work hard at remaining stupid.”

YLB, the new dark comedy by T Philly Loyd, is the story of dysphoric and dissociated brainiac Arlen Schmeck. Dissociated, that is, until the girl of his dreams moves into the Santa Monica apartment building where he lives.

Schmeck, a germaphobe, agoraphobe, and obsessive compulsive who lives most his life through a peephole, can’t keep his eye off his new neighbor.  It’s not long until his fixation turns into a spyhole love affair.  A fateful turn of events, however, soon forces him out into the open.

Next thing he knows, worlds are colliding.  Arlen falls head over heels, only to find that his new neighbor, Nurse Fannie, is not the delicate flower he imagined her to be.  Thus begins a courtship in what has to be the most maddening and manic love story ever told.

Throw into the mix a mad scientist from down the hall, a motley crew of malcontent friends, a serial killer on the loose, and a seemingly endless parade of washouts, burnouts, phonies and freaks, and you’ve got something along the lines of Love Story meets Seinfeld meets Catcher in the Rye.

“T Philly Loyd’s YLB grabbed me from the very opening lines. With a punch worthy of Hunter S. Thompson and an intellect comparable to Chuck Palahniuk’s, Loyd weaves a hypnotic narrative that never lets the reader off the hook. YLB is an irreverent, hilarious and deeply impressive debut.” —Jeremy Masseym, Author of The Last Four Days of Paddy Buckley (Penguin/Random House)

“You’d have to be a bibliophobe to not fall head over heels for T Philly Loyd’s insanely addictive novel, YLB, featuring one of modern literature’s more remarkable protagonists, Arlen Schmeck.” —Chris Belden, Author of Shriver (Simon & Schuster)

“T Philly Loyd isn’t just funny and witty, his writing is interesting and full of intricate details that show what a great researcher he is, as well.” —Nahid Rachlin, Recipient of the Doubleday-Columbia Fellowship; Author of Persian Girls (Penguin/Random House)

“Through the peephole! Endearingly eccentric Arlen Schmeck’s wonderland is his very own apartment building. As ghastly as it is entertaining, YLB serves up a page-turning mystery riddled with bizarre facts and an unforgettable cast of crazy characters.” —Sherri Browning Erwin, Author of Jane Slayer (Simon & Schuster)

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The Insanity Virus

Want to know the real reason the polar ice caps are melting?  It’s not what you think. It’s not carbon emissions, deforestation, solar activity, or any of the other reasons They want you to believe.  The real reason the polar ice caps are melting is because they are currently the staging areas for a microbial invasion force from outer space.

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